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The ports


 During a stay in the south of France, it's funny to visit plenty of ports and see the marvellous yatchs

  Port Ferreol near villa Martinache


 the boats in port ferreol





 Port Ferreol, 800m from the villa Martinache


 Port Ferreol, in spring




Port Ferreol (about 800m from the villa Martinache)

St Tropez port

      Take the boat in "les Issambres" port, about 1km to St Maxime and sail to St Tropez. Go to St Tropez market on saturdy morning or go and drink Provence wine in wine-cellar. In summer, it's better to go to St Tropez by boat because the trafic road is too heavy



 A yatch in St Tropez port



 le port de St Tropez

 st-tropez by night.jpgBig yatch in St Tropez port

                                                              St Tropez port



          Take the boat and explore all the isles: "les îles de Lérins". In St Marguerite isle, you'll find a restaurant


 Le port de St Honorat (île de Lérins)                                                                    St Marguerite place of boats, in front of Cannes

St Marguerite place of boats, in front of Cannes

 St Honorat port (les îles de Lérins)


 Les îles d'or, in front of HyèresCannes Port

                                                                                                                 Cannes Portle-va-et-vient-des-embarcations-dans-la-rade-de-toulon.jpg



                                                                                                                                                                                             La rade de Toulon


An isle in front of St Raphael



                                   An isle in front of St Raphael

 From "Poussaille" port (about 18Kms), the view of "L'île d'Or". The history of " l'île d'or " is wonderful. So the french writter " Hergé " wrote the book " Tintin and the black isle " thinking of this isle in front        of Saint-Raphaël.




St-Raphael port, in front of the casino

 Santa-lucia portsanta-lucia-port.jpgSt Raphael port

 Port Santa-lucia

                                                    St Raphaël port



       le-port-de-st-raphael.jpg  port-frej-by-nignt.jpg










le-port-de-st-aygulf.jpgMarseille portle-dramont.jpg

                                                           Agay port

St Aygulf port