Lake and riviera

                  You can spend a day along the riviera:- Arena Lake

  l-argens-en-canoe.jpgGo to Roquebrune/Argens, and at the end of the village, take a little road, by the left side after the bridge, near the roc. Uncover plenty of activities and restaurants along the riviera




                       - St Cassien Lake

   Take the road to Montauroux (about 20 kms from villa martinache) or to Fayence (via St Raphael-motorway A8)

 Fayence Fayence

 St-Cassien lakeSt Cassien Lake near Montauroux

                                                                                                                                                                              St-Cassien lake

                                                 - Sainte Croix lake

   This lake is very larg, visit and take the road to "le Verdon" (about 70kms from the villa). It's a very nice country and visit shops in the villages like "Styx du Verdon", "Salles-sur-Verdon" or "Moustiers Sainte Marie". This villages are rich in french history


                                                  The lake of Sainte-Croix, from Moustier-Sainte-MarieFrom Moustiers-St-Marie, Sainte-Croixlac-de-sainte-croix.jpg