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The beach

The Beach

 The beach near my home (200m)

 I photograph this view of the beach from villa martinache




     St Aygulf beach, near my home (200m)

 St Aygulf beach, 200m from villa Martinache

 Look at  the beach, behind the trees, from the villa MartinacheThe beach near the villa



 If you like walking, go to the west side, in A. Carrel street or by the track along the cost. You arrive near "les Issambres" beach,(about 800m from the villa),you find night-club, fast-food and differents restaurants, "La Farniente", "Le Windy" 








     Go, to the east-side, in A.Carrel street, you arrive on the larg beach with small sand, near St Aygulf port

 St Aygulf beachThe St Aygulf larg beach


                                                                St-Raphael-beachFréjus beach, by ski-line, it's St Raphael port 

 Fréjus beach




               Fréjus beach



 St Maxime beach, St Tropez coast by sky-line

 porquerollesJuan-les-pins beach



St Maxime beach,St Tropez coast by sky-line

Les criques de Port Cros

Agay beach


Agay                                                                                                                                                                           les-criques-de-st-ayg.jpg