Cultural leisure

   -Visit churchs, Roman Town like Fréjus 

   -You know Thoronet abbaye, Lorgues abbaye (about 40kms from the villa Martinache, drive to Draguigan) or the church in St Honorat isle ("Les îles de Lérins"), the monastery "la chartreuse de la Verne" near Cogolin (about 54Kms), Grasse kathedrale or Silvacanne abbaye in "la Roque d'Anthéron" town (about 120Kms)

   The Church in St Honorat isleThe church in St Honorat isle (

                                                                    The churchs in St Honorat isle

   -Visit forts and castles, the castle in Villeneuve (17è) near Vence

 Mandelieu                                                                                                                                  mandelieu-la-napoule.jpg


                                                                                          St Honorat fort,Cannes in on the sky-line

 "Les îles de Lérins" are rich in history

The casle where the brother of the king Louis XIV was prisoner


 The cassle in St Marguerite (

 The brother of "Louis XIV Kept in the St Marguerite Fort 


 St Roseline cellar, on the wine road to Draguigan

       -Enjoy Provence wine, on the road from St Tropez to Menton: Villepey wine-cellar in "Roquebrune/Argens" town, St-Romain castle in "Le Muy", St Martin castle in Taradeau, "la vinothèque" in "Les Arc/Argens" town, "les Ferrages" castle near "Aix-en-provence" in front of St-Victoire montain, Sainte Roseline cellar on Draguigan road, Roubine castle, Berne castle, St Béatrice castle, "Ludovic de Beauséjour" property in "lorgues", St Jean de Villecroze castle, near "Aups", about 55Kms from the house... Eat Provence cooking, It's marvellous, pretty and delicicious ("la pissaladière", "la bouillabaisse", fishbouillabaisse de Marseille with "aïoli", "la ratatouille niçoise", "la soupe au pistou", les calissons d'Aix, les nonettes...)

  fête du-vin-nouveau-taradeau-15mi-novembre.jpg


Feast of new wineLes callissons d'Aix

in Taradeau, during NovemberLes nonettes

   la tropezienne, specialty of cote d'azurnougat aux figues

  -Visit St Raphael museum                                                  "les nougats aux figues"                                                                                             "la tropèzienne"masque-de-plongee-musee-archeologique-de-st-raphael.jpg



                                                                                               "les amphores"

  -Visit Aurelienne home and look trees and flowers aroud the house, in Fréjus, to "les Adrêts de l'Esterel" road

  -Go to St Aygulf place in september about the feast of the biggest omelet

  -In summer, every friday-night, go and see St Raphaël fireworks  in front of an isle "Le lion de mer"

  -Visit Monte-carlo museum, Quinson museum near Cottignacmonaco museum




   -Visit the perfumery and museum in Grasse. You can ask in a perfumery to make the parfum of your wife

    champ-de-roses.jpgGrasse musee.jpgchamps-lavandes261465.jpg

                                                                 Field of ltriage-des-roses-1.jpgavender    to make parfum.jpg        The roses near Pegomas  

Thoronet Abbaye

                                                 And what about Thoronet abbaye

If you want, you can learn its story, you can feel and imagine the life of the monks, when you visit the abbaye   

In that beautiful country with cork-oaks, olive-wood, near Lorgues,you'll find Thoronet abbaye                 Thoronet abbaye


     The monks build this monastery between 1147 to 1160, it's a wonderfull masterpiece of provençal art. All together, they get a very simple life without meeting people. They woork and they pray even during their night. They prefer the loneliness, so they mustn't go away. Nothing can disturb their live in the abbaye. Nothing must disturb their prayers. So it's the monastic order "cistercien"l-eglise-abb-thoronnet.jpg

 Thoronet church





  The monks build that church without pictures and statues. They wished that every things are simple and rudimentary. But the songs were very agreeable and very nice to hear in the church. When you'll visit you can ask to hear the "grégoriens" songs  



  The cloister of the monastery is open in the garden. So every things are simple and poor. But the monks created sumptuous games of light 

 The cloister. Thoronet

The assembly room                                                                                                                                             The stair between their bed-room and the church

    This only room decorated is the assembly room. Each mornings, the monks sat and red the religious book all together. 

   Their vast bed-room isn't decorated too. Tune-cellule-ou-dormait-le-pere-abbehe monks slept on a simple bed without heating. In winter, they put a blanket, without sheets. During the night, they stood up and prayed in the church. A stair separate the church from their bed-room  


                                                                                                                                                                             The bed room

  le-lavabo-mieu.jpgIn that forest, the "cisterciens" monks found a source. So they imagined a ingenious system to get spring water.They washed one's face in that room without windows and doors

                    They made wine and olive oil, the resources of abbaye 

  A fire demolish the record office of the monastery (about XVIIs). The last monk is dead in the year 1789 and Prosper Mérimé, a writter, find this monastery in 1840

          So he wanted to restore it during the year 1873 to 1907. Today, it's "la communauté de Bethéem" who live in Thoronet abbaye. They aren't "cisterciennes", but these religious show us this immense place of prayers and "cistercien" order in the ancient Provence

          The visit of Thoronet abbaye is free all first sunday of the month

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